The Difference We Make

We work with people in the urban areas of Gloucestershire to, create greater levels of economic well-being, to build confidence, self-belief and motivation and to empower them to build better futures.

In 2015 to 16 GL Communities achieved:
  • Our Money Advice Service has worked on 642 cases and managed £2,238,413 worth of household debts.
  • Our Money Advice Service has gained £230,439 in income for its clients in welfare benefits and grants.
  • 37% of the long term unemployed people who were part of our Employment Project - Dig Deep, moved into long term permanent work.
  • The Dig Deep project completed work on over 150 gardens.
  • 35 volunteers contributed 2,046 hours (at £12 per hour) this is equivalent to £24,552.
  • 170 people have attended the courses that we have developed on financial inclusion, energy efficiency and confidence building.
  • Our 4 social enterprises have provided work experience for over 45 people and reasonably priced services for the community.
  • Our Community Builder worked with people in Kingsway to set up the Kingsway Runners and it now has a membership of 686 people.
  • Over 250 people attended our community event in Matson called ‘4 You the Community'.
  • We led in the setting up of an Information and Advice Forum for Gloucester that had 38 member agencies.
This can lead to improvements in:
  • Mental health and well being.
  • Improvements in economic well being.
  • Confidence to create the changes that they would like to see.
  • Improved relationships with others.
  • Greater sense of belonging.
Community Spirit

Our Annual Report, Evaluation reports and the stories of our participants can be found below.

Case Studies

Mr H was sofa surfing between family addresses as a result of being suspended from his job as a Care Worker. As he had no income, he had been unable to meet his rent on...
Mr A was receiving treatment in a drug rehabilitation centre as an alternative to prison. He had to stay in the centre for 10 weeks and if he was to leave he would be...


I was unemployed for 7 years and was looking for part time work as my father had a brain tumour and my mother had had a stroke and I was their carer, so full time work...
Frank attended one of our Money Advice Courses - ‘When you go to work, make your money work too!’ Frank had been unemployed for some time and as an IT consultant felt...