Volunteering with us

At GL Communities we value the amazing skills our volunteers bring to this community by offering their free time to make a difference in so many ways for a great number of people. In turn we offer our volunteers as much support as we can give including personal development and training. We encourage our volunteers to get as much out of GL Communities as they put in by making the most of educational and personal growth opportunities.

When taking on new volunteers, we look at each person’s distinct skills and interests for the best fit in their volunteering role. Then we look at ways they can grow in that role especially if personal development is something they would like to pursue.

All volunteers are recognised as an individual with something to offer and everyone has a skills sets that can benefit our organisation, its schemes and projects. We do this by embracing diversity especially with regards to abilities, background, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We are first and foremost at team with a common aim to bring people together and make a positive difference to our community.

Volunteering can really make a difference to you and your own personal wellbeing. It can open up your social circle through the friends you make and it can help build confidence in yourself and also in others. Furthermore, you will be making a positive impact in your community that can resonate for years to come.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of?

If so, please get in touch and have a look at what volunteering roles are available. Maybe you’d like to find out more about us in person, so why not come and ask to visit one of our schemes to see if they feel like a good fit for you to volunteer in? We are an organisation that understands and recognises that it is important for our volunteers to get the best from us and in turn for us to get the very best out of our volunteers. They need to feel it is the right role, team, opportunity and scheme for them.

Please see below for volunteer positions that are currently available.

Apply at GlosJobs.   Click Here