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Building Futures with Local People

Who we are

GL Communities works in Gloucestershire’s urban areas to recognise and support the gifts, skills and talents of our residents and communities. We make space for people to grow, to be more than they are now. We support local community development, advice, education and training activities to increase residents’ confidence, skills levels and reliance - particularly for people who live with ill health, disability, caring responsibilities or unemployment.

Our strengths lie in :

  • Over 30 years of experience in working in deprived urban areas of Gloucestershire
  • A long track record of successful work in tackling poverty and inequality
  • Being a learning organisation with strength in innovation
  • Valuing the community and building on its strengths
  • Working with some of the most vulnerable people
  • Working to enhance the lives of our many volunteers
  • Bringing people, communities and other organisations together to build thriving communities

What people have said...

  • Dan Bicknell, Project and Partnerships Manager, Talking Money GL Communities bring a unique and valued contribution to the Money Advice West partnership in virtue of the broad based community service they offer. The experience and enthusiasm their staff bring benefit the partnership in many ways, helping to shape and grow what it can offer to clients and partners.
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Passionate about change
Empowering people and communities
Caring about what we do
Honest in all our activities
Inclusive, embracing diversity


Community – At the heart of cohesive, inclusive and aspirational communities
People – Valuing and believing in our residents, staff and volunteers; building on their strengths to develop empowered people
Partners – Respecting and working with a range of partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for our neighbourhoods
Sustainability – Learning from our collective experiences to create a sustainable organisation and resilient communities
Achieving – Realising added value through our investment in communities

Our Funders

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